Monkfish Recipes

Monkfish is a white fish, occasionally referred to as a sea monster, due to its unattractive appearance. Often, only the tail meat of the fish is eaten — it has a firm, flaky texture and used to be referred to as “poor man's lobster” — but today, monkfish tail can come in at the same price as lobster. It can be cooked in a huge number of ways, due to its robust texture, and we've got a range of recipes below. From fried crispy monkfish with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, to a monkfish and roasted vegetable pasta salad, to a pesto crusted monkfish dish, there's something here for everyone!

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About Monkfish:

Monkfish has a very firm texture and a meaty flavour — but it's not overly fishy, making it the perfect fish for people who are new to eating seafood. The texture of monkfish means that it can be fried or roasted without falling apart, but it's also excellent for shredding and forming into fishcakes or fish balls as it is moist enough to bind other ingredients together. You could call it the perfect fish!

Because monkfish is so robust and flavourful, it can stand up well to a lot of strong flavours — you can cook it with spices, chillies, strong herbs and the flavour of the fish will still shine through, so don't be afraid to use plenty of herbs and spices!

Check out our range of flavoursome monkfish recipes above — there's an Asian monkfish recipe, as well as a recipe for bacon and monkfish skewers and garlic and lemon monkfish fillets.

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